Student Affairs & Facilities

At TTC-Daharki we want well-rounded students who have a broad outlook and many growth opportunities. We take their well being very seriously which is why there is strong emphasis placed on student affairs.

Counseling and guidance services are available to the students at all times. Student advisors and faculty are always available to address concerns that may arise. To relieve the stress of studies and training, the institute firmly believes that extracurricular activities are essential. These activities include sports, fun fairs and the formation of student societies. Three societies have been formed to encourage student exchange and promote creativity: a literary society, a general society and a technical society.

In addition to classroom sessions, students will be provided an opportunity to enhance their knowledge by undertaking organized trips to relevant factories as well as mandatory eight to twelve weeks of on the job training. Career guidance and job placement is another avenue in which TTC will aid the students. They will be informed of relevant vacancies and helped in the preparation of CV’s. Renowned companies will be invited to visit the institute, interact with students and conduct job interviews. Guest lecturers will be arranged to give students advice on matters of importance to them.

TTC-Daharki is well equipped with all the necessary facilities. The computer lab has 30 computers and a high-speed Internet connection. The air-conditioned library has over five thousand books and in the future it will have access to the online HEC digital library. A separate library is being created for the two main departments.

Hostel accommodation will be available for students starting from 2012. The hostel will have comfortable residential facilities along with a cafeteria. Sports facilities are available within and around the campus, while the new sports complex is expected to be complete by 2013. The plan is to have basketball courts, squash courts and a swimming pool.

The institute is equipped with state of the art laboratories that meet international standards and we are constantly trying to upgrade and add new ones. They cater to all the needs of engineering students.

A repair workshop and mosque are also available for use. Medical facilities are in place for emergency first aid treatment and a trained medical officer will be available for outdoor services.

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