Architectural Plan

The institute is spread over 17 acres of land.  The construction of the main building has been completed and the next phase involves the building of the student hostel. All efforts are being made to give the students a complete educational experience through the setting up of on campus accommodation, Internet and sports facilities, laboratories and a library.  A repair workshop and mosque have also been setup on campus.  The objective is to set-up a college that is in line with international standards and affiliated with foreign institutes.

  • What is PCESSDC?

    Pakistan Chemical and Energy Sector Skills Development Corporation (PCESSDC) is a non-profit, private public partnership company registered under the Companies Ordinance Section 42 of 1984...

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  • Governance

    A Board of Directors who will ensure the effective running of the facility, as well as, the proper management of funds will govern the TTC. The BoD is composed of the Chief Executives of PIDC, ENGRO...

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  • Donations

    Through our partners generous contributions we have been able to achieve our goal of establishing this college, in a short span of time. What was once just an idea has materialized into a tangible entity, but...

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