About Us

Education in Pakistan, especially rural Sindh has never been afforded the kind of attention it deserves. In spite of some efforts, the population remains largely uneducated. This lack of education leads to a shrinking of employment options, thus perpetuating the vicious cycle of poverty and despair.

There has been a slight push for primary and secondary education in the region but manufacturing and technical skills have been totally ignored. These skills are instrumental in enhancing the industrial and manufacturing capabilities of Pakistan as well as providing these rural communities with much needed avenues of employment and opportunity.

In an attempt to fill this vacuum, the Pakistan Chemical and Energy Sector Skills Development Corporation (PCESSDC) was incorporated with the mandate of providing quality education and training to individuals involved in, or aspiring to be involved in the chemicals and energy sector. One component of their plan is the establishment of Technical Training College (TTC).


  • What is PCESSDC?

    Pakistan Chemical and Energy Sector Skills Development Corporation (PCESSDC) is a non-profit, private public partnership company registered under the Companies Ordinance Section 42 of 1984...

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  • Governance

    A Board of Directors who will ensure the effective running of the facility, as well as, the proper management of funds will govern the TTC. The BoD is composed of the Chief Executives of PIDC, ENGRO...

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  • Donations

    Through our partners generous contributions we have been able to achieve our goal of establishing this college, in a short span of time. What was once just an idea has materialized into a tangible entity, but...

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